Didier Patisserie – MMA Floor

We were contacted by Didier Patisserie, makers of high quality, hand-made deserts, to see if we could solve the problem they were having with their vinyl floor.  The vinyl was splitting and breaking up allowing water to get underneath, causing a trip and slip hazard.

Out with the old…

As Didier’s have always had vinyl flooring in their factory, they were uncertain about resin flooring and what the benefits of resin over vinyl would be.  To allow Didier’s to find out for themselves we installed a controlled sample in one of their most problem areas and allowed them to trial it for a period of time.

After a couple of months they were so impressed with the results that they gave us instruction to install the resin system in all their High Care.

The work was carried out over several weekends, starting on a Friday afternoon Didier’s removed all the equipment in one section of High Care and Adept removed the vinyl, allowing the floor to dry overnight.  Saturday the floor was mechanically prepared, coving was installed and any movement joints and cracks were addressed.  Sunday the floor was installed, a hand applied 4mm Quartz Trowelled acrylic resin system with a 0.4-0.8 Full Broadcast for an anti-slip finish, for additional hygienic benefits, this system also incorporated an anti-bacterial additive. By Sunday evening this section was completed, equipment was reinstated and ready for Didier’s operatives to continue work Sunday night.  This phased schedule allowed Didier’s production line to continue as normal.

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