SHIRE FOODS LTD – Manufacturers of Great British Pies and Pastries for over 40 years

We were asked by Michael Tzirki, Managing Director of Shire Foods Ltd of Royal Leamington Spa to install a floor that was hardwearing and robust as the floor he had was constantly failing and causing problems with his production line.

Bulletcrete – so good, they came back for more!

Big stainless steel vats were constantly being transferred across the floor containing pie filling weighing in excess of 750 kg.  The trucks transporting them were running on three nylon wheels, this was creating heavy point loading across a particular route and the existing floor was unable to stand up to this constant heavy wear.

The requirement was for something that would be tough enough to withstand the amount of constant abuse the floor was getting and be installed as quickly as possible to save on loss of production time.  It would also need to be anti-slip, easy to clean and maintain.

Adept had the answer with their SpeedyStrength Bulletcrete Fastfloor.  Tougher than PU and much quicker on curing times Adept were able to mechanically prepare the area of approx. 70m2, prime and install a 6mm red pigmented Bulletcrete Fastfloor over a weekend.

The completed installation was everything the client wanted, easy to clean, slip-resistant and very durable, he was so impressed with the product that he has requested it to be installed in other areas of his factory where the floors are continuously undergoing similar stresses.

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