The Bulletcrete Fastfloor formulation is best suited for highly durable cement screed for surfaces that take heavy mechanical loads and moderate chemical conditions.

Strength, Speed, Durability

Bulletcrete Fastfloor is a winning formulation. It can be installed rapidly as it comes ready-to-use in a variety of five colours. It dries as fast as other MMA based products and allows for floor installation within the minimum of business downtime.

It’s rather clever blend allows it to cure and be used in demanding traffic areas and minus temperatures making it ideal for cold storage areas and blast freezers.

Save business down time in installation with this easy to maintain system.

Uses and benefits

  • Fast

    Can cure in less than one hour

  • Choice

    Comes in five different colours

  • Durable

    Ideal for heavy traffic areas

  • Flexible

    Will cure in all kinds of settings, even at minus temperatures.

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