PU resin floors are used for concrete floor surfacing in food related industries. They show high wear and tear in environments such as wet and dry food production, brewing, and engineering industries. Polyurethane floor screeds also have great performance in heavy traffic areas.

High durability

A PU floor finish, when cured, is easy to clean and has a matt appearance. It can be produced in an attractive range of colours. The resin screed is not slip which makes it ideally suited for wet work areas and personnel safety.

Repairs to concrete floors prior to the installation of new polyurethane screeds can be made in several ways. Depending on the situation fast drying cement, epoxy or polyurethane kits can be used to effect quick localised repairs.

A polyurethane floor screed is normally laid at 6 to 9mm thickness. 9mm is usually specified for areas which require steam cleaning.

Uses and benefits

  • Amazing surface life

    Even in demanding areas such as chemical plants

  • Easily cleaned

    Thicker applications can also be steam cleaned.

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