Stone Carpets create a seamless finish, in a wide range of natural or coloured stones. In some respects it is simply unrivalled by any other floor type.

Natural, durable, striking.

Stone carpets are natural stone or marble bound in clear epoxy or polyurethane resin and bonded to substrate to provide an attractive, coloured stone floor which creates feel, texture and colour to give a mood and style not matched by other types of flooring. Our natural decorative stone carpet systems are available in various ranges of colours and stone sizes. They are highly decorative, hard wearing, textured surface giving good slip resistance with very low maintenance. Moreover they easy to clean and seamless.

Stone carpets can be used in a variety of locations: indoors in reception areas, offices, domestic, showrooms, light commercial. Stone carpets can also be used outside on walkways and they make ideal decorative patios, garden features, around swimming pools and the like.Using natural stone or marble gives a decorative rural look. The resin is low in odour making it pleasant to install and it cures for full use within 24 hours.

Colourful pieces of marble and natural aggregates bonded in clear resin to provide a stunning slip-resistant floor finish.

Uses and benefits

  • Noise reduction

  • Easy on the eye

  • Quick to install

  • Hard-wearing and easy to maintain

  • Easily applied to most substrates

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