Food and Drink Industry

Working with the food and drink industry has become something of a speciality for Adept Flooring, the bulk of our clients come from this sector and be we deal with prestigious clients such as Dawn Foods, Samworth Bros, Didier, and Welcome Foods.

What makes us particularly ‘adept’ in this sector is our in-depth understanding of the requirements and challenges facing the industry. Hard wearing, hygienic and easy-to maintain floors almost goes without saying but we realise that there are additional demands. For example: areas with significant temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic such as blast freezers and bakeries; importantly, the food industry needs to keep on producing, our clients work at the bottom of the supply chain and their business succeeds by keeping their clients supplied with fresh produce and food. Installing a new floor needs to be rapid and with the minimum possible disruption to the business.

Hospitals, healthcare and pharmaceutical

Getting the surface right is essential for healthcare operations to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. The floor is a prime area for bacteria, gravity means that most dirt, grime and bacteria will end up on the floor.

Adept Flooring offers a range of surfaces which allow fast and effective cleaning regimes. The floor needs to be smooth, seamless and impervious even under constant traffic from staff, patients and trollies, spillages of liquids, some potentially corrosive. If the floor fails then it will become hard to clean, creating the potential for germs to multiply within unwanted cracks.

When we work with pharmaceutical companies we take into account the conditions and usage of the floors; do they need to be able to withstand temperature fluctuations or resist chemical spills and impacts? All of this can be discussed with our technical team through our free consultation process.

Hotel and leisure

Adept Flooring can provide floors which can be adapted to a variety of settings, from seamless MMA or Epoxy floors to decorative Terrazzo or Stone Carpets. It’s not only the material we can change, many of our products are available in a variety of colours and can be laid in decorative patterns. Some clients choose to addd decorative aggregates to enhance the finish durability and safety of their floors.

Floors in the hospitality, leisure and catering sectors need to be attractive and yet also stand up to punishment from high foot traffic, high heeled shoes and drink spillage.

Industrial and commerical

The decisive argument for our flooring system is where hygiene is of prime importance. Our resin floors have an extremely short curing time, after only 2 hours they obtain their full mechanical and chemical resistance properties, meaning virtually no more downtime for renovations or repairs.

We do not have to interrupt your daytime business, we accommodate our clients requirements and can work through the night or at weekends allowing you to resume trading as normal the following morning avoiding costly interruptions. Some of our clients in the automotive sector have also asked us to be more creative and incorporate custom logos or designs into the floor.

Vets and Animal Welfare

Adept Flooring’s MMA solutions are particularly useful in the veterinary and animal welfare sector. The low odour solutions means that the floors are rapidly ready for use with animals. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and clean and can withstand heavy use from pressure washing if required. MMA floors are particularly resistant to corrosive substances such as dog faeces and urine which gives the floor a longer life.

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